Bobbi Eden about her four-legged friends: ‘A bit of a love-hate relationship’

Bobbi Eden traveled to not once, but twice the middle of nowhere in the United States to pick up her beloved Yorkshire terriers Twinkie and Elvis. “And then it was another three days’ drive to the breeder,” she shares in conversation with Beau Monde.

Brother and sister

For more than six months, Bobbi Eden searched the entire internet in vain for her dream dog: a small yorkshire terrier. “In the end I ended up with a breeder in America, not really next door,” she says. “She was also not easily accessible in Los Angeles, but somewhere the middle of nowhere. It was the first year my Mark and I had known each other, but he was very sweet with me. We had to drive three days in the US to pick up Twinkie, really hysterical.”

It soon becomes clear that Bobbi and Mark will not stop at just one puppy. This is how Bobbi shares: “She comes from a litter of three, one brother had gone with a trucker, her other brother was still there when we came to get her. I would have loved to take them both with me, but I had never traveled with a dog before. I thought: let me be sensible, but I did keep in touch with the breeder. After three days she said, ‘The dog is still here and not doing very well, because he misses Twinkie very much. If you want, you can have it.’ We had just returned to the Netherlands, so I said: ‘That’s good, but then you have to wait a few months.’” And so it happened!


Together, Twinkie and brother Elvis are completely happy for a long time. “Twinkie and Elvis were my – and each other’s – best friends for eleven years, until Elvis passed away suddenly two years ago,” Bobbi looks back. The death is very unexpected, and it still weighs heavily on Bobbi’s heart.

“I still grieve every day. Elvis was such a sweetheart, a real sweetheart. Twinkie was very depressed for the first six months after Elvis’ death, which made sense, they were always together. I thought: she must also go to heaven, maybe from loneliness, even if we take her everywhere with us,” she explains. To combat the loneliness of little Twinkie, and because son Brandon also likes a four-legged friend to romp with, there will be another family expansion with labradoodle Bear – who now even has his own Instagram page!

‘love-hate relationship’

“Twinkie and Bear didn’t become the buddies I had hoped for, but maybe that was naive,” Bobbi continues. “Twinkie is 13 years old and very on her own, she only wants to cuddle if you massage her, otherwise she doesn’t need a polonaise on her body. She doesn’t come on your lap, but lately she tolerates it when Bear comes near her. She doesn’t want to play with Bear, then you can see her thinking: don’t call me. But sometimes she kisses Bear herself, it’s a bit of a love-hate relationship.” Aww!

This article comes from the very latest Beau Monde. Manon Meeuwis and Amy Vol also talk about their fluffiest housemates. In addition, in this edition you will find a great interview with our cover girls: Patty Brard and daughter Priscilla. Now in stores!

Text: Fleur Baxmeier | Image: NL Image

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