Bing and his friends – a movie for the youngest –

For the little ones, a cinema compilation of Bing and his friends has been made to enjoy a great cinema experience on the big screen. This special screening includes the following Bing episodes: Hearts, Lost, From Me, An Ice Cream, Staying Over, Parking Garage, Smoothie. From May 21, this special screening can be seen during the minimorning of Vue and the kindergarten cinema of Pathé and Kinepolis.

Bing and his friends fun children's movies

Bing and his friends

Have an unforgettable first cinema experience with ‘Bing and friends at the cinema’! Take your little one on an adventure and enjoy seven specially selected Bing episodes, made especially for a young audience. Travel with Pico the Postmouse through the enchanted world of Bing as she tries to solve her unique Bing puzzle.

During this special performance, you and your child can participate in interactive games full of fun. Think Memory, Help Hoppity Fly Home and Bings Race Cars! Hop, hop, hop, be there!

This special cinema compilation contains the following heartwarming Bing episodes: Hearts, Lost, From Me, An Ice Cream, Staying, Parking Garage, Smoothie.

Information Bing and his friends
Release date: May 24 | Running time: 60 minutes | Language: Dutch | Classification: AL | Genre: Pre School | Directed by: Nicky Phelan.

Full voice cast: Viggo Neijs, Juus Piek, Gioia Paris, Joanne Telesford, Manou Jue Cardoso, Cas de Bruin, Cystine Carreon, Poppy Hendley, Beatrijs Sluitjer, Jelle Amersfoort and Peggy Vrijens.

About Bing

Bing, a beloved children’s series produced by Acamar Films, is part of Dublin-based Brown Bag Films. This stunning animated series, based on the books by author Ted Dewan, has received national (UK) and international recognition, with numerous awards to its name. Bing has won the prestigious International Emmy Award for Best Children’s Series, the Writer’s Guild Award for Best Children’s Program. He was also nominated for a BAFTA in the category ‘Best children’s programme’.

The adventures of the happy bunny Bing are broadcast in no fewer than 130 countries around the world. In the series, Bing goes on a journey of discovery with his friends Sula, Coco and Pando, where they experience the most fun things together. Fortunately, Flop is always there to solve problems when they arise. In a playful, chaotic and cheerful way, Bing takes his young viewers into the adventures of everyday life. The movie Bing and his friends is a compilation of episodes.

In recent years, Bing’s popularity has spawned a wide variety of movies, books, magazines, apps, and consumer products, such as toys, theatrical shows, and even feature films.

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giveaway bing and his friends

Giveaway Bing and his friends

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