Belgian Football Association rudderless: after CEO, now also chairman leaves

Federal chairman Paul Van den Bulck resigns from the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA), he confirms The last news and The newspapaerafter allegations of harassment and a difficult relationship with some executives.

Why is this important?

Van den Bulck himself recently accompanied CEO Peter Bossaert to the exit. This means that the two highest positions at the football association are vacant.

In the news: Exit the union president. The 58-year-old Van den Bulck has only been chairman of the KBVB since mid-2022. The conflict with some board members is said to have reached such an extent that two directors are staying home on doctor’s orders. The executive committee therefore asked the board of directors for the resignation of the chairman. Because Van den Bulck feels that he can no longer function in the current context, he resigns.

What preceded: The departure of the chairman comes a few weeks after the resignation of CEO Peter Bossaert. The ex-top man of Medialaan summoned the RBFA last month, because he believes that “his good name and reputation have been thrown into the open”. Van den Bulck fired him after discussions about his salary.

How to proceed: In principle, there will be presidential elections next month. As long as there is no new chairman to replace Van den Bulck, the search for a new CEO will probably continue hold to stand. Bossaert’s duties are provisionally performed by interim CEO Manu Leroy, former marketing director and also a former hockey star.

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