Beautiful villa by Herman den Blijker is now for sale (with a discount) on Funda

Herman den Blijker gives a discount on his home in Rotterdam

Of course we know Herman den Blijker as a chef and from the television program Noise in the kitchen! He earns quite a bit from this, given Herman den Blijker’s assets.

Four months ago, he put his million-dollar home in Rotterdam up for sale for an asking price of 2,550,000 euros. If he actually received this amount for his home, he would earn very well. He bought the villa about 20 years ago for an amount of only 543,900 euros. Unfortunately, there was no interest in the house, at least not at that price. That is why Herman den Blijker is now giving a hefty discount on his million-dollar home. The house has now been reduced by 300,000 euros, which still gives him quite a bit of profit. Enough reason to take a look inside Herman’s house.

house herman den Blijker for sale funda rotterdam

What does the ad on Funda say?

The luxurious semi-detached house of Herman den Blijker has a living area of ​​357 square meters with six rooms to retreat to, including three bedrooms, two bathrooms and another office. The cuisine is of course fantastic, as you would expect from a man of his stature. But it doesn’t stop here, because there is a huge garden at the house, which you can access through a sliding door. Sounds like a dream to be able to enjoy the rising sun here in the morning with a cappuccino in your right hand.

Herman den Blijker discount millions of homes

This is all spread over three floors, with the icing on the cake there is also a basement. Of course the buyer could turn it into a wine cellar, indoor swimming pool or extra guest house. One thing is certain: if you have a passion for cooking and like a large backyard, this house is for you. Another story is whether your wallet allows it, of course. See below some photos of Funda:

Herman den Blijker discount million-dollar home

wine fridge house for sale funda

detached villa rotterdam for sale

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