Ballboy who was kicked 10 years ago by Eden Hazard now owns a multi-million dollar company

The name Charlie Morgan may not immediately ring a bell, but that may change once you hear his backstory. Morgan was a ball boy for Swansea City football club about 10 years ago, when he was kicked by then-Chelsea player Eden Hazard. We can now say that Morgan has ‘kicked it off’ after that, he is the owner of a very successful drinks company.

Ballboy Charlie Morgan kicked during Swansea City-Chelsea match

The much-discussed incident took place in February 2013 during a League Cup match between the two teams. The game was dominated by the frustrated Chelsea players who were constantly taken out of their game by fouls by the Swansea players or the time wasting by the ball boys.

This came to life in the 80th minute, when Chelsea’s Eden Hazard kicked Morgan, one of the ball boys, in an attempt to win the ball. Hazard kicked the then 17-year-old boy in the torso and was sent off with a red card. He received a three-game suspension. The Belgian now plays at Real Madrid, where he has little time to play due to frequent injuries.

The match in question eventually ended in 0-0.

Morgan sets up a very successful career

After the incident, Morgan is at least as successful as his Belgian attacker. The now 26-year-old businessman has built up a fortune of around $ 40 million over the years. This is due to the successful beverage company Au Vodka, a brand he founded in 2016 together with his school friend Jackson Quinn.

Since then, the brand has grown explosively. Many celebrities pose on social media with the typical golden bottles. The brand reached its peak in December 2019, when the black grape flavored vodka sold no less than 10,000 units, more than what was sold for the rest of the group combined in 2019. The vodka brand again saw a significant increase in sales during the Corona pandemic. According to Morgan, this was due to the many illegal lockdown parties, which led to great consumer interest.

Production has now increased from 2,000 bottles of vodka per day to 35,000 on a daily basis. Au Vodka has since been frequently found in the liquor store and liquor department of the supermarket. Furthermore, one of the high-profile customers is said to be former footballer Ronaldinho.

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