Balance between work and free time ► This is how you do it

In addition to eating healthy and exercising a lot, having a healthy balance between your work and your free time is an important factor for a healthy life. Work can be very stressful. Unfortunately, there are many people who take this stress home with them.

However, the body needs rest to recover from all this stress and when you take this home, it will not be able to rest properly. Research has shown that stress is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even depression.

Finding a balance is therefore very important, but how do you actually do this? Read some tips in this article to help you get your life back in balance.

Monitor work-life balance.

Take enough breaks

You often see it at work: that one colleague who takes too short a break, or doesn’t even stop working at all. Maybe you even recognize yourself in this?

Breaks are not required by law for nothing, because working all day is not good for your brain. If you work too long, you will notice that you get tired faster and if you are not careful, you can even suffer from a burnout.

Start taking your breaks and learn to say no when colleagues ask you to do something, or when your boss asks you to work a little longer at an inconvenient moment. Time for yourself is important and breaks are the first step towards a healthy balance. It can help to treat yourself to a functional and beautiful watch, such as a Tissot watch, with which you can keep a close eye on your working time and which also looks great with your office outfit.

Provide distractions

When you’re not working, it’s important to do fun things that help you clear your head. Providing enough distractions makes it easier to let go of things that happened at work. For example, go to the gym in the evening or choose a fun hobby. By focusing on something you enjoy, you will be a lot happier and it will be easier to keep a good balance between your work and your free time.

Go exercise

Many people choose to go to the gym because it allows you to focus completely on exercising and forget the stress for a while. Sport is very healthy and helps you to create a better self-image.

When you regularly go to the gym and combine this with healthy eating, you will feel a lot better than when you do nothing. Don’t like fitness? Then try out a fun group lesson. Many gyms offer group classes such as yoga, crossfit or dance. Not only can you lose your energy here, but you also get to know new people. Spending time with friends is also a good way to relieve stress and create a balanced life.

Find a hobby

You could also look for a fun hobby. With a hobby you always have something to do. For example, you can read, do puzzles, go for a walk, cycle or start a collection. Creative activities such as painting, crochet and pottery are also a fun way to pass your time. A hobby can help you stay busy and focus on yourself. Doing something you enjoy makes you happy and this in turn is good against depression and stress.

Hobby against stress at work.

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