Badcoach Summercamp 2023 at the end of July in Belgium


Meet Kirsten de Wit!

1. Workouts

The trainings have been led by Andreas Johannsen for years (11 to be exact). Surrounded by an excellent coaching staff, this Danish top trainer provides technical and tactical training at a very high level.

Together with the other trainers, he guides, informs and sends all our Badcoach players to a whole lot of new focus points. Focus points that the players can then easily take with them to their own club training sessions. Moreover, as a person he is also very accessible to all players outside the training sessions. With his endless interest in ‘his’ Badcoach Summercamp players, he is a listening ear and friendships are forged that carry beyond the badminton field. Our head coach is available 24/7 for the players (and for his co-trainers) and makes it an absolute point of honor to ensure that the camp runs smoothly for literally everyone.

You can of course only perform technical and tactical training properly if you can train with good equipment. That is why we also provide 150 tubes of Yonex Aerosensa 30 shuttles for the camp. Not only brand new shuttlecocks, but also of good quality so that the shuttlecocks also remain good for training afterwards.

2. Food

To be able to train well, there must also be the necessary energy. Often an aspect of a camp that receives less attention. Sometimes also simply because the accommodation has a permanent kitchen (team). Not so with us. It is very important to us that we can cook ourselves, so that we can provide a tasty and nutritious meal for everyone. Especially in times when there are more people with intolerances (gluten, lactose, …) or rules (vegetarian, vegan, …), this is of paramount importance to get through the week.

Our own kitchen team cooks fresh meals every day and provides refreshments throughout the day. For example, we sometimes bake our own bread pudding (our regular Badcoachers already get their mouths watering), but we also provide plenty of fresh fruit, sometimes a fresh smoothie or a ball of ice watermelon when it gets just a little too hot. The famous sugar waffles are also available 24/7. Over the years, Badcoach has not only become known for its high-quality training, but also for its delicious food.

3. Accommodation

After 10 years, we are moving to a location a little further away this year. Our sports hall was somewhat outdated and will also be demolished this year. We had to search for a while, but we are very enthusiastic about our new location. A badminton court is a badminton court, so there is not much difference, although the floor is better now.

It is especially the accommodation around it that is impressive. For example, we have many bedrooms where players can sleep alone or in pairs. There are now showers in heaps in different places, a rugby field outside in the woods, a hockey field on artificial grass, we can even use a tennis field. And for players who want a little rest in the evening, there is a beautiful courtyard with lighting and benches.

We are therefore fully convinced that our 13th edition, at our new location, will also be a top edition. Yes, it’s only 1 week instead of the known 2 weeks. And yes, it will be a bit of a search in our new kitchen, yes, it will take some getting used to with so many chairs and places in the dining room…

But with the motivation of the entire Badcoach staff and the motivation of our players, we are 100% convinced that it will be a great week!

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