Android 14 lets you easily drag and drop text and files between apps

Android 14 has received a useful addition. It has been made easier in the latest Android version to drag files and text between different apps.

Easy addition in Android 14

A new feature is being added to Android 14 that we haven’t heard of before. In Android 14 it is made possible to exchange texts and files between two apps faster. This involves copying from one to pasting into the other. The new clues to this have surfaced in the beta version of Android 14.

Android 14 drag text

In Android 13 it is only possible to quickly get the content in the other app if you use the split screen view. With Android 14, it becomes possible, for example, to hold down the text and open the window with active apps with your other hand. You can then lose the text there with a swipe. Earlier indications already indicated that we can expect the necessary improvements in multitasking and productivity in Android 14.

We expect the final version of Android 14 in the fall. Android 14 Beta 2 is currently being tested. It is also available for various non-Pixel devices.

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