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As a young girl I was already fascinated by gemstones and minerals. I found the chemical and physical aspect fascinating. It is very accessible to see what certain elements, raw materials and temperatures can make together. Gemstones tell their story through their appearance. Later the whole healing revolution was added, gemstones would have certain effects. And attract certain energies. That is less to prove. What can simply be demonstrated is the building blocks that a gemstone or mineral possesses. At ANAS crystal care they use all the good properties of quartz crystal. A mineral that comprises no less than 12% of our earth’s crust. I tested their products for MamaScrapelle!

ANAS crystal care products care gemstones

The brand ANAS crystal care

The ANAS crystal care brand is a new name for me. The design and use of rock crystal in their care products immediately trigger me. I want to test this! On their website I read that they have a nice ideology. Their vision is holistic and they care about the earth, animals and people. They are the first care brand to process rhinestone in their own way. Rock crystal is packed with good properties for the skin. It cares for, nourishes and protects the skin. But it is also a blessing on an energetic level. Just a moment for your skin and soul.

In addition, ANAS crystal care does not use laboratory animals, is free of synthetic dyes and does not contain sulphates. You also do not encounter parabens. They have chosen their own signature scent for all products. They describe it as fresh, woody and spicy. A good description in my opinion! They self-report as the smell of a relaxing hammam. Below their description:

The signature scent of ANAS is a warm, spicy and woody sensation that reminds you of a luxurious hammam. It’s refreshing and exotic, just like the products. Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Saffron, Cedarwood, Kashmir Fusion, Incense Fusion, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver.

The power of rock crystal and volcanic water

The ANAS crystal care products therefore contain rock crystal. This is a clear gemstone. Quartz Crystal in English, is the most powerful energy amplifier of all gemstones. It is therefore known as Master Healer. The crystal is able to absorb, store and release energy. The stone would therefore effortlessly respond to your needs. Thanks to its strong healing and cleansing properties, rock crystal forms the heart of the skin care line.

But there’s more. The ANAS crystal care also contains volcanic water! This water comes from the thermal spring of Fenestre in Bourboule. This is not just any water. Hou is said to be known as a powerful elixir that is used therapeutically. It would boost the immune system. In addition, it would be very beneficial for skin problems such as eczema, rashes, scars and even for the aftercare of burns.

I’m ready to test the ANAS crystal care products! It all sounds very nice and nice. I got a body oil, a body milk and a soap.

ANAS crystal care products care gemstones


First of all I would like to indicate what a great design the ANAS crystal care products have. The boxes are ingeniously put together and you can easily open and close them. Everywhere is a piece of fascinating information and I really have never seen such on the point design. The box is a gift and that’s how opening it feels. Then there is also a quote from the Beatles I love. The soap has a beautiful crystal shape and a nice fitting paper. The body oil comes in a beautiful glass bottle. And the body milk has a plastic bottle in a nice geometric shape.

The characteristic scent of ANAS crystal care immediately stands out because of the soap, of course. It reminds me a bit of India and my favorite incense. It is indeed earthy and spicy, nutty yet fresh. It is heavy without making you heavy, but it does ground you nicely.

The love you take
is equal to the
love you make.
Quote The Beatles, used by ANAS crystal care products

Experience products from ANAS crystal care

I have used many different care products, and soap is not necessarily my favorite. But this soap from ANAS crystal care is really beautiful. The shape is ideal and therefore it does not slip out of my hands. The scent is milder than that of the body milk and body oil. After showering my skin does not feel dry and it feels wonderfully cared for.

Then it’s time for the body milk and body oil. Both smell pretty similar in the bottle, but different when applied! The oil tends more towards a slightly nutty marzipan scent. Once dried, both smell equally on the skin. The body milk lubricates very fresh and you don’t need much. It absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth skin. The oil takes a little longer, but rubbing it in with oil has something soothing for me. I love it. Yet it does not take very long to absorb and what remains is a wonderfully cared for skin. What a wonderful blessing these ANAS crystal care products are!

And I give a spoiler, because the soap also contains a gift!

ANAS crystal care

Short review

I really enjoyed these products. From the story, the design and the actual products. Below is a brief overview of some points of ANAS crystal care.

  • Contains rock crystal / quartz crystal
  • Contains volcanic water
  • Animal testing free
  • No parabens
  • No sulfates
  • No synthetic colours
  • Holistic vision

body oil:

A skincare elixir made with the perfect blend of vitamins and antioxidants.
It contains the goodness of virgin prunus and grapeseed oil. It then leaves your skin hydrated and nourished with every use. The powerful oil extracted from Arnica stimulates the healing and repair of the skin. The antioxidants leave a protective layer to protect your skin from further damage. This is the secret to beautiful and radiant skin.

ANAS crystal care body oil

Body milk:

Like a soft embrace, born of love for yourself. Pure wealth.
This is a creamy, rich body milk that improves your skin structure. It helps repair even the most damaged skin. The power of this Body Milk is in the unique formula based on avocado oil. This is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins A, E and D. Rock crystal neutralizes negative charges. It also has a calming effect on your body and mind. The mysterious scent of bergamot, cardamom and pink berries, among other things, has an uplifting effect.

ANAS crystal care


Living harmoniously from your heart, in love and your own strength.
Generated, positive energy and healing with this ANAS crystal care soap. With every use of this Crystal Soap is a loving gesture to yourself. The secret of the Crystal Soap lies in the heart of the diamond-shaped soap. As time passes, a rough rock crystal appears that you can cherish forever. The Brazilian babassu, mango and shea butter intensively nourish your skin and provide a natural glow.

ANAS crystal care


I think it’s clear: I’m a fan! The characteristic scent is warm and fine. The design is beautiful and really makes it a gift to give and receive. Fortunately, the use of the products is not disappointing either. My skin feels wonderfully warm and cared for. I sometimes have sensitive skin but I react very well to these products. ANAS crystal care products live up to their name and promise and I am curious about more from this beautiful brand.

Take a look for yourself at their website. Free shipping from 40 euros!

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