Analyst remarkably mild for ‘most annoying player on Belgian fields’, but then annoyed by other players

Christian Burgess has proven to be the opponent’s great frustration on more than one occasion. The great Briton uses all the tricks of the forum. Francky Van der Elst can live with that.

He is not a Sergio Ramos, according to The Fox. “Oh, I think that’s a great comparison. He is sturdy, fierce, healthy aggressive. He may sell cinema sometimes, I don’t like to see that. And that push that almost caused Paintsil to fly against the boarding last week, I thought was dangerous. But overall I don’t think he’s a dirty player,” he says The newspapaer.

Being an ambassador is also not forbidden. “In the regular season against Club Brugge, he made the gesture of a fisherman catching a fish. That is apparently an English saying for when an opponent allows himself to be caught by his behavior. But he also says that something like this can also turn against him. I’m okay with that.”

Van der Elst is annoyed by another player. “I’m more annoyed by men who are sneaky and get away with it. Stupid violations. Once you continue, stand on your feet. Lazare has that, but there are still others like that in Belgium. That’s a weak point of mine.”

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