Analyst Predicts Big Altcoin Rally And Reveals His Favorite Coin

The popular cryptocurrency trader Kevin Svenson recently took to Twitter to express his optimistic sentiment about altcoins. He did this while also mentioning one of his favorite coins.

Svenson told his 126,300 followers that the altcoin market was long overdue for a rally. He tweeted the following:

“We haven’t had an alt season since the end of 2021. It’s only been for most alts since then… Think about it. Don’t be surprised to see them rising sharply soon.

Many of them, literally right now, are just starting to come out of the lows. SO MANY ALTS are probably about to pump. Just throw a dart at the board and you hit something.”

An altcoin on the trader’s radar is the Ethereum (ETH)-based coin Gala (GALA), which he mentioned is a project with strong fundamentals and strong investor demand. He described it as follows:

“One of the main alts I’m looking at right now is GALA. There is a LOT of demand for it and it is now performing well. I’m tall I warned you a week or two ago that the new season was coming. Get ready for epic pumps!”

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