American Kayla retires from professional volleyball to focus on risqué shots

Meet volleyball star Kayla Simmons

Kayla Simmons, 27, is from America and has played volleyball for years at Marshall University. Not only does she have an incredible talent for the game, but she also knows how to entertain her social media followers with racy photos. For example, Kayla has almost 1 million followers on social media and she often surprises these followers with photos in a bikini or provocative outfits to emphasize her figure even more. Due to her great success on social media, she has decided to focus on this. A shame, because this lady also made a big impression in the field.

The American is on tour

Kayla is also a very brave woman. For example, she can really enjoy scuba diving, where she loves to descend tens of meters under the water in a cage and watch sharks. So this lady does have some spunk in addition to her feminine looks.

Kayla is also very fond of traveling. For example, she was recently on a tour of Europe, where she is enjoying the city of love and visiting the coast of France. She also enjoys Italy while enjoying a good plate of pasta. Hopefully our own frog country is also on her list, because we would love to meet such a woman. See some stunning photos of volleyball star Kayla Simmons below:

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