American actor opens a shocking book about the lurid ritual he saw

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Our leaders, especially in politics and Hollywood, are corrupt, says American actor Ricky Schroder in a video on social media.

There are many investigations into corruption, but no one is held accountable. Schroder thinks he knows why: the people conducting the investigation are being blackmailed.

When he was young, he had older friends. One day, one of them was playing a VHS tape that showed a room with a man on a table. People in robes entered the dimly lit room and performed some kind of ritual. They cut the man’s side with a knife. They also sang.

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The blood started to flow. There were also women who took off their clothes, smeared the blood over their bodies and began to perform sexual acts, Schroder says.

The Hollywood actor showed the VHS tape to someone he trusted. The person in question instructed him never to look at it again and to return the tape. Schroder has always wondered why he didn’t ask where the band came from.

Schroder thinks he met some cult members when he was younger. “They may belong to the Illuminati.”

I’m not afraid of them

He wonders if justice will not be served because the people who are supposed to bring justice are being corrupted by this cult, which ‘operates worldwide’.

“I’m not afraid of them,” says Schroder, sharing this video message in the hope that FBI and CIA investigators who have not been corrupted will see that their superiors will never bring justice.

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