ALDI sells a dirt-cheap smart TV

Cheap smart TV at ALDI for sale

This Medion Android Full HD Smart TV MD 30050 will be available from 24 May 2023 at Aldi for only €199. The smart TV has thousands of apps. This way you can watch Netflix, but you also have the YouTube or Amazon Prime apps on your screen within a few clicks. This new television is 32 inches (80cm) and has a built-in chromecast, so that you can also easily operate the smart TV with your phone or even tablet. Aren’t you such a fan of operating with a telephone? Then of course there is always a remote control so that you can operate your television in the normal way.

cheap smart tv aldi for sale

The increased dynamic range allows you to see every little detail that ensures the best experience. There are two speakers in the TV that provide the best background sound. This Medion smart TV is complete up to date, so you can even operate the television with your own voice via Google Assistant. In short, a very futuristic television for this small amount.

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