Airplane flips over on landing at Groningen provincial airport; No injuries

A sport aircraft crashed on landing at the Oostwold Airport, and came to a halt upside-down. The pilot was uninjured in the incident, and there were no passengers on board the airplane at the time.

The incident happened in Oostwold, Oldambt just after noon on Thursday. The pilot landed the plane next to the runway at the small airport in Groningen, according to broadcaster NOS. A local media outlet said the airplane caught a gust of wind and flipped over, as it was slowing down.

The pilot was very dismayed by the incident, but was able to walk away unharmed. A spokesperson for the airport told newswire ANP that it appeared to be a case of pilot error. It was still unclear what exactly went wrong.

The airport opened a new 800-meter long asphalt runway just last month, NOS reported. Prior to that, an unpaved runway was in use there.

Photos from the scene showed that the airplane involved is a Waco Classic YMF-F5C. It is an open-cockpit biplane capable of takeoff and landing on the ground or water. The manufacturer describes the airplane as being “the essence of flying. Stick and rudder, seat-of-the-pants flying.”

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