After the heat in Spain, now snow locally!

Talk about a real rollercoaster. Spring typically guarantees a dynamic weather picture. That is because low pressure areas and high pressure areas try to find their position towards the transition to the summer period. In this uncertain period, we can therefore take all scenarios into account, such as lots of sun at an early stage, drought, wet periods and even stormy weather. In Spain, they have been hit hard in recent weeks by drought and very high temperatures for the time of the year. That seems to change in the coming days with an increasing chance of rain.

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Change weather pattern

Everything has to do with the disappearance of persistent high pressure near the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal and Spain have been dealing with this for some time, which causes high temperatures and persistent drought. The consequences for the harvest of grain and olives will probably also be felt. The change in the weather pattern therefore comes not a minute too soon. However, we must immediately note that certain regions are still experiencing very dry conditions.

In the coming days, a low pressure area will install south of France. This will make the upper air very cold and intense showers will occur. The Pyrenees as well as the east of Spain have to take into account a lot of precipitation locally.

The above weather maps provide a remarkable weather turn. In the north of Spain (Catalonia) the chance of precipitation increases, while in the south of Spain 30°C is still reached. The trade winds remain active in the Canary Islands.

Precipitation forecast Iberian Peninsula coming days

Possible up to 50 cm of snow

After Wednesday it will continue to cool down in southwestern Europe. In the Pyrenees as well as in the Sierra Nevada, about 50 cm of fresh snow can fall above 1500m. Temperatures at that altitude fluctuate around or just below freezing. Near the Balearic Islands we have to reckon with stormy weather in the form of violent thunderstorms. This may cause problems!

It can sometimes be very turbulent on the Balearic Islands with huge gusts of wind and waves.

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