After 20 years, Lürssen is building a second superyacht for the same wealthy couple

The German shipbuilding company Lürssen recently launched a brand new yacht, which Norn is called. This super yacht was sold to an anonymous couple, but we do know that these owners have owned another Lürssen yacht for over 20 years.

Couple buys a new yacht from Lürssen after 20 years

The yacht, almost 90 meters long, looks almost like a battleship from the outside thanks to its straight lines and quasi-military appearance. However, this yacht will certainly not be used for military purposes, as there is a beautiful swimming pool on board, among other things.

It seems more as if the couple finds the style of this type of yacht attractive, because their previous purchase from Lürssen is characterized by a similar appearance. Their previous yacht, called Skat, is a 70-meter yacht that is on an elderly relative of Norn seems. According to Lürssen, Skat’s owners used it as a second home.

Zero-speed stabilizers and electronic ‘brake’

But a swimming pool is not the only thing this superyacht has. For example, Norn has zero-speed stabilizers for comfort during mooring, as well as an outdoor cinema. The swimming pool has a lift floor with special lighting that can transform the surface into a full-fledged dance floor.

In addition, the Norn has a number of more special properties. For example, the superyacht, like other yachts that are now coming onto the market, has a dynamic positioning. As a result, it can enter areas that are prohibited for most yachts. The ship can also hold its position electronically, so that no anchor or chains are needed that drag over the seabed and cause damage to nature. This allows the yacht to sail safely through sensitive environmental areas or marine reserves.

The managers of the project are Cornelsen and Partner. They have also supervised other projects, such as the construction of Project Celerius. That was a 118-meter yacht from Abeking & Rasmussen and was launched for the first time at the end of 2022.


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