Aad de Mos throws fuel on the fire and points to Gutiérrez again: ‘It’s going to explode’

Aad de Mos does not have a good word to say about PSV’s match against sc Heerenveen. De Mos is harsh in his words. The analyst from The Hague points to Ruud van Nistelrooij and the chosen tactics.

“I think it’s a shame, you were so close. As a trainer and as a group of players you let the supporters down and you endanger the club. The preliminary round of the Champions League was just up for grabs,” says De Mos in a video item from the Eindhovens Dagblad.

The analyst believes in a good outcome for PSV. “I fear the worst for PSV, but luckily my feeling also says that Ajax will not win at Twente. My prediction is that PSV will certainly not win at AZ, but then you would still be second. A special denouement? Yeah, okay, but it’s going to happen. It is out of the question what you get in the last three games. It’s so fragile. I say it for the last time: put Gutiérrez in midfield. The balance is nowhere to be seen”, de Mos believes about the Mexican.

De Mos also discusses the reporting of De Telegraaf, which reported that key players have complained to the management about Van Nistelrooij. De Mos adds some fuel to the fire by saying that he expects the bomb to burst at PSV. “I do think there is unrest in the group of players towards the coach. And also between the coaches. That is a very difficult situation for Van Nistelrooij. After AZ there will have to be clarity soon, because it is very bad what has been happening at PSV in recent weeks.

De Mos has no doubt that there is ‘friction’. “You can already notice that in the matches against Fortuna and Heerenveen, and you will also notice that on Sunday. I’m convinced of that. It’s going to explode sometime. In any case, it comes across as very bad.”

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