A spring cleaning for your body

Slowly the number on your weather app increases a bit and the rain cloud makes way for a radiant sun. Delicious! Start the spring pain and complaints free and leave the winter stress behind with a massage.


You hold a lot of stress in your body. It causes tension in your muscles and your muscles become tighter. This can cause you to experience pain or discomfort. There are several places where your body stores stress:
1. Jaw, neck and face
2. Shoulders, chest and heart
3. Lungs and diaphragm
4. Hips
5. Stomach
From these places, the stress can radiate to, for example, your neck or back. Meridians are energy channels in your body. With a massage, extra emphasis is placed on these pressure points, which are linked to an organ, so that the flow of energy is better.

Spring cleaning

Of course you don’t want to keep walking with pain or discomfort. A massage can treat this well. At Kobayashi Medical Shiatsu Center you will be treated for about fifty minutes. Your whole body is included, but extra emphasis is placed on the pressure points that cause your pain. You can let go of tensions; burden, stress and fatigue remain in the past. ‘Many people are completely zen when they leave here,’ says Paula of Kobayashi Medical Shiatsu Center. Some people have already been helped in a massage, but the stress is a bit deeper, then more treatments are often needed for the desired effect. Do you want to start pain-free and carefree this spring? A massage is then the way to go!

Basic course shiatsu technique

This year too, Paula will fully focus on the basic Shiatsu technique course. Would you like to learn to perform the basic technique of shiatsu yourself and help others experience relief from their physical complaints? That is possible at Kobayashi Medical Shiatsu Academy. Register via the website by sending a message!

Certified teacher

Paula Kobayashi-van Luit is Master Namikoshi Shiatsu, qualified teacher, and has been active as a Medical Shiatsu therapist for over 30 years. In practice, she mainly works to remedy medical complaints, but she learned the technique in Japan to teach beauticians and masseurs in wellness to reduce stress-related complaints. She teaches the course at the Kobayashi Medical Shiatsu Academy.

My Samurai

She used the second lockdown, in which Paula’s work came to a complete standstill, by writing a book. Paula: ‘In ‘My Samurai’ you can read about my experiences and the contrasts between the cultures of Japan and the Netherlands. The book is primarily a tribute to my late Japanese husband Shihan Akio Kobayashi. During the lockdown I suddenly had the time to write about how the Japanese way of life sometimes clashed with our Western insights and about the special relationship with my Japanese in-laws. It’s a true story that I initially wrote for my grandchildren, but eventually decided to publish it.’

184 pages, ISBN 978-3-99107-450-2, €15.90

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