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Switzerland not only has beautiful nature, it is one of the most stable and safe countries in Europe. Due to clear rules and traditional norms and values, peace, stability and safety still have meaning. This is partly because Switzerland is not a member of the EU and has its own rules at federal, cantonal and municipal level. René Smaal, owner of Smaal Swiss Immo, emphasizes the advantages of Switzerland, but he adds: ‘As a ‘foreigner’ you cannot just buy a house anywhere in Switzerland. That is subject to many rules per region and Smaal Swiss Immo can offer the necessary help with that.’

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Smaal, himself a big fan of the Alpine country, understands that the Dutch also dream of Swiss life. But before he talks about the special aspects of Switzerland, he explains what you should take into account on the Swiss real estate market: ‘As a non-Swiss you are only allowed to buy a holiday home in the designated regions. A purchase permit is required for this Ausländerbewilligung. Quite a bit is possible, but in principle only up to a maximum living space of 200 m² and a maximum of 1,000 m² of land.’

Smaal Swiss Immo, the first stop on the way to Switzerland

There are still a number of special features, so that mediation by Smaal brings the necessary advantages: ‘For example, you are not allowed to own more than one residential unit in Switzerland per family with minor children. Purchasing real estate in the name of a foreign company is prohibited. Purchased homes may only be resold after five years and, as the owner, you must use the home for at least three weeks a year, but no longer than six months. Because they are formally ‘holiday homes’ and therefore not intended for permanent residence.’

Swiss nature

Since time immemorial, the Swiss have been strongly connected to nature, their living environment and that of the other residents. It is therefore a unique and beautiful landscape with no less than 48 peaks higher than 4,000 meters. Despite the many tunnels, the extensive infrastructure and the many holiday villages in the mountains, the Swiss have awe and respect for nature. The mountains are their greatest pride and they will protect them as much as possible against pollution and destruction, regardless of commercial interests. Breathtaking snow landscapes alternate with beautiful summers. It is also a country full of romance, folklore and history: Wilhelm Tell takes place there. The national flower, the edelweiss, is the most romantic in the world.

A beacon of safety and tranquility

Switzerland is known as one of the most stable and safe countries in the world. No country can show better figures in areas such as the economy, living environment, low crime rate and infrastructure. According to Smaal, this stability is also reflected in the housing market: ‘House prices have been showing steady growth for years, without major fluctuations and excesses… Just as solid as the Swiss themselves, you could say. It is the most stable country in Europe and that is partly because Switzerland is not a member of the European Union. It is less bound by European rules. Switzerland guards its borders very closely and has full control over its own immigration policy. A stable political climate, a strong domestic currency and a highly developed banking sector make Switzerland, despite the recent problems in the Swiss banking world, an attractive and safe destination in periods of increasing (financial) tension in the world.’

25 years of expertise in Swiss real estate

Smaal Swiss Immo has been active for over 25 years as a Dutch real estate agency for the purchase and sale of Swiss holiday homes. Smaal: ‘We are aware of the latest developments in the Swiss housing market and have, over time, identified the possibilities, impossibilities and the most important regulations.
get to know. Did you know that Switzerland alone has 26 cantons with their own legislation, rules and tax rates? We have built up relationships there with parties that facilitate the purchase or sale of Swiss real estate. We support and represent the interests of Dutch buyers and sellers of holiday homes in Switzerland and that also in our own native language. Quite handy, because Switzerland is the country with the most official spoken languages
in Europe!’

Sales brokerage

Anyone who already owns a beautiful chalet or apartment in Switzerland and is considering selling it, has also come to the right place at Smaal. Many Dutch people have already taken this route when selling their Swiss home. Due to the successful and rapid sales during the Covid period, the housing supply is currently somewhat limited, so Smaal is looking for Dutch homeowners who are considering selling their home. The demand for a holiday home in Switzerland continues to increase unabated and they don’t find that surprising at Smaal. Feel free to contact us for an introduction!

Breathtaking offer

A look at the website of Smaal Swiss Immo offers a breathtaking view of fairytale holiday homes, chalets and apartments in impressive mountain landscapes, whether or not photographed in the snow. Without exaggerating, many of these locations look like they served as a set in a Disney movie. Each of these objects exudes luxury, opulence and tranquility.

Information afternoons

Twice a year, Smaal organizes an information afternoon for people who are curious about living or real estate in Switzerland. The next one will take place on October 7 at Landgoed De Salentein in Nijkerk. During this afternoon, all kinds of information about Switzerland will be shared: about the different areas, their characteristics, buying a home, living in Switzerland, the laws and regulations, but also about tax matters. In short, a very interesting and informative presentation that will certainly help you in your search for a dream home in Switzerland. Due to the limited number of places, reservations are required.

Info: smaalswissimmo.com

T. 06-653669609

Information afternoon

October 7, 2023

Estate De Salentein, Nijkerk

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