6 useful tips for traveling with the family

Traveling with the family can be a great experience, but it can also be challenging if you are not well prepared. To make sure your trip runs smoothly, we’ve put together 6 handy tips for traveling with the family.

East coast USA route

Make a good plan

Good planning is essential when traveling with the family. Be sure to start planning your trip well in advance and make a schedule of what you want to see and do. Consider the age of your children and plan activities that are appropriate for their age and the climate of your holiday destination. With older children you may opt for a day at the amusement park, while the zoo is great fun for young children.

Think about the journey you will be taking and look for ways to make it as smooth as possible. For example, book a parking space in advance if you are going to park at Eindhoven Airport, find out where you can eat cheaply and see how you can travel from the airport to your final destination.


Make a checklist

Make a checklist of everything you need for the trip, such as passports, tickets, medicines, clothes and toys for the kids. Be sure to check off everything on the list before you leave so you don’t forget anything. Afraid you’ll forget something? we have an example checklist ready for you.

toddler holiday checklist

Choose the right accommodation

Choose the right accommodation for your family. Look for hotels or holiday homes that are suitable for children and have enough space for the whole family. Also look at the location of the accommodation and make sure it is close to the places of interest you want to visit.

The earlier you book the better. I always look for accommodations where I can cancel for free for a long time. This way I remain flexible, but often have a better price than with last-minute bookings.

Essen Moxy hotel

Bring enough food and drink

Take enough food and drink with you for the journey. This can prevent your kids from getting hungry and thirsty during the trip. Make sure to bring healthy snacks and drinks, such as fruit, drink packs and some goodies. After all, it’s vacation! Are you going to fly? Not all children like airplane food. Drinks such as apple juice and orange juice are always available on a flight.

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Use useful apps

Use useful apps to make your journey easier. For example, download apps that can help you find nearby restaurants, sights and activities. Such as downloading the maps of the country you are going to from Google Maps. Also, make sure to bring a tablet or laptop for the kids so they can keep themselves entertained during the trip.

walking app child

Stay flexible

Stay flexible during the trip and adjust your plans as needed. Consider your children’s needs and adjust your schedule if they are tired or in a bad mood. Of course, also make sure you take enough time to relax and enjoy the journey.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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