5 x really nice Christmas packages for zzp ‘ ers

Whether you employ self-employed people or are self-employed and you want to surprise yourself at the end of the year with a nice Christmas gift: a gift package as a thank you for your work or for a good (turnover) year is always a good idea. For companies employing self-employed persons, it is the perfect way to thank them for their good work.

Are you giving yourself a Christmas package? Then you do that as a reward for a year of hard work. Whatever the reason: there are so many Christmas packages to be found that you may no longer see the wood for the many proverbial trees. That’s why we found out for you what really nice Christmas packages are.

1. Wellness and sauna package for the self-employed

One of the packages that will certainly make many self-employed people happy is a wellness package.

The big advantage of such a package is that you can fill it in in different ways. For example, it is possible to give a wellness voucher – with an access card for a wellness center of your choice in the Netherlands. Make it a nice package, including massage oil and a moisturizing face mask.

Or go for a Christmas package containing all kinds of products, with which the recipient is ready for a relaxing evening. Think of bath foam, candles, masks, creams, oils, magazines and maybe a bottle of wine.

You can fill such a package very personally, so that you can be sure that the recipient will be happy. It’s nice to relax after a busy year!

2. A beer or wine package

What you are almost always good with is a beer package or a wine package for Christmas.

In this case, it is wise to check whether the recipient drinks alcohol. Isn’t that the case? Then you can turn it into a nice 0.0 alcohol package. Nowadays there are so many tasty non-alcoholic beers and wines available that you can certainly put together a nice package with them.

Fill the Christmas package according to a specific theme, such as a winter package with glühwein and tasty snacks, or go for a package that covers all seasons, such as tasty spring beers, autumn bucks and winter beer.

In addition to beer, it is nice to include some extras in the package, such as pen and paper for a tasting or various snacks.

3. Christmas package with a fancy gadget in it

Do you have to put together a Christmas package for people you don’t know very well – or do you feel like a surprise gift yourself? Then a Christmas package with a fancy gadget in it might be something for you. Consider, for example, wireless headphones, a wireless charger or a power bank: smart gadgets that are useful for both private and business use.

The big advantage of this is that it makes almost everyone happy and that such items will actually be used. The business world is slowly but surely also changing, with smart gadgets coming in very handy.

It does depend on the industry in which someone works which gadgets are useful, so do some good research first, so that you make a good purchase anyway.

4. Vegetable garden package with seeds and flowers

When you know that your employees (or yourself) will be happy with nature in the form of plants and flowers, it is also very nice to put together a green Christmas package. For example, you can give your employees a Christmas tree as a gift and it is possible to have a tree planted in the name of the recipient.

Would you rather give something tangible? Then put together a nice Christmas package in the form of a vegetable garden package. You can think of flower seeds, flower bulbs and seeds and kernels for herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Also add a shovel, a pair of gardening gloves, a handy vegetable garden calendar or a booklet with more information about (vegetable) gardening. Don’t forget to add a flower mix for the bees!

5. Tasty package full of fair trade products

Many people have grown up with Christmas packages full of delicious food and drinks. We still see this kind of traditional Christmas packages today.

However, most companies want something different than a package full of crisps, chocolate and candy. Recognizable? Then take a look at the possibilities for a Christmas package full of delicious fair trade products. There are many standard packages with such products for sale.

You can also fill packages yourself with sustainable and ecological products. Think, for example, of fair trade coffee and tea, organic chips, vegan chocolate and fair trade nuts. You can really go in many directions, so that there is still something available for everyone.

Extra tip: combine a beer package or wine package with an ecological character and go for fair trade wine and/or beer!

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