5 tips to get the most out of your outdoor adventures

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Now that spring has sprung and summer is already on the horizon, it’s time to get out and enjoy nature. Whether camping or hiking, Swarovski binoculars help you see and explore more than you ever thought possible. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your outdoor adventures with Swarovski binoculars.

1. Choose the right binoculars for your activities

With an extensive range of binoculars, it is important to delve into which model best suits your activity. The CL Curio is very compact and lightweight and therefore perfect to take with you on a walk. The NL Pure is slightly larger and has a higher magnification, so you can bring nature even closer.

Do you have a nice camping spot with a view? Then the ATC or STC might be something for you. With this compact telescope you won’t miss a single detail. Do you want help with your choice? Then you can fill in the product guide, which selects the best viewer for you with the help of a number of questions.

2. Map the environment

If you’re camping or hiking, it’s helpful to map out the area before heading out. Use your binoculars to scan the area and plan the route in advance. That way you know where you are going and what to expect.

3. Know what to spot

Of course it’s nice to leave things to chance, but in the case of an outdoor adventure, good preparation is half the battle. Do research in advance about which animals can be found at your destination. This way you can search in a targeted way and you increase the chance of spotting special animals.

4. Don’t forget the details

Your binoculars allow you to see details that you might otherwise overlook. Think of flowers, insects and other small sights. So don’t forget to stop every now and then, zoom in on a detail and take in the beauty of nature.

5. Remember for your binoculars

Make sure your binoculars are well maintained so that they are always in top condition. Clean the lenses regularly with the CSO cleaning kit and always store your binoculars in the sturdy case when not in use. So you can enjoy it for a long time.

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