5 reasons why young people gamble online more often than the over-50s

Online gambling is done by all ages, but young people in particular seem to do it remarkably often. Recent figures show that more than 20 percent of online gamblers are between 18 and 23 years old. There is also a considerable number of young online gamblers in our neighboring countries. Remarkably, the popularity of online gambling among the over-50s is much smaller. There are several reasons why online gambling is more popular among young people than among the over-50s.

Social and technological factors

The modern digital age has had a huge impact on young people’s behaviour, including in the field of gambling. Social media, smartphones and the ubiquity of the internet have ensured that young people are constantly connected to the online world. This provides easy access to online gambling platforms. Young people are more likely to use digital and online opportunities, including sports and gambling. This explains why online sports betting is so popular among young people.

The attraction of the tension

Young people are often looking for excitement and thrills, and online gambling offers just that. Placing bets and waiting for the outcome creates an adrenaline rush that attracts young people. In addition, online slot games are often presented with attractive graphics and sound effects, making the experience even more immersive. The tension and excitement can of course also appeal to people over fifty, but young people seem to be more susceptible to it.

Financial situation and motivation

The financial difference between young people and the over-50s may also play a role in the popularity of online gambling. Young people often have fewer financial responsibilities and may therefore be more inclined to take risks with their money. They may also have more free time and may see online gambling as a form of entertainment. At the same time, young people face a difficult financial future, with rising real estate prices and limited prospects. The dream of financial independence beckons, but turns out to be unrealistic. This allows young people to fall back more quickly on alternative methods with which they hope to get rich quickly. Online gambling is an example of this, but the same applies to investing in crypto coins, for example.

Social dimension of online gambling

Gambling is not only an individual activity, but also a social phenomenon. It can serve as a way of socializing and interacting. It is not for nothing that online gambling platforms often bet on chat rooms and multiplayer games. Young people are also generally more connected to social media and digital platforms where they easily connect with other gambling enthusiasts. Like-minded people build online communities themselves, for example forums and chat groups. For young people, online gambling can be a form of social validation and acceptance. They can identify with other gamblers and be part of a community that shares similar interests.

Young people and risky behaviour

Young people are generally more prone to risky behavior and all kinds of impulses. This also applies to gambling. They are in a phase of their lives where they are looking for new experiences, for thrills and for exploring boundaries. This makes them more vulnerable to temptations and risky behaviors, such as gambling. Due to the sensitivity of young people to such influences, strict rules and guidelines have been established regarding gambling advertising. There are strict restrictions to prevent young people from developing gambling addictions and problem behavior under the influence of advertising campaigns.

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