4x healthy pancakes to start your day

Who can resist a mountain, or mountain, of the most delicious healthy pancakes? Especially when you know that there is so much more possible than the classic of flour, milk and eggs.

In GREEN you will find, for example, a healthy green herb pancake, chickpea pancakes with sweet and sour beets or a delicious nut pancake with chocolate sauce. Stack up with healthy pancakes!

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Admittedly, ‘healthy’ is a broad term. Because what is a ‘healthy’ pancake really? Is it the choice of wholemeal flour? Or maybe adding almond flour or blueberries? We understand that health can mean something different to everyone.

And so we started looking for healthier versions of the classic. Pancakes that not only taste great, but are also nutritious. Think of a stack of pancakes made from almond flour, buckwheat and studded with fresh fruit. Or how about our gluten-free pancakes with teff flour?

Even more healthy pancakes:

powerpancakes with almond, buckwheat and blueberries

A pancake breakfast is always a good idea! We bake them fluffy with fresh sour berries and sweeten them with maple syrup.

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the tastiest banana pancakes with only 2 ingredients

No matter how you look at it: these are the tastiest and easiest banana pancakes. You make them with only 2 ingredients (or 3, if you want a little more filling) and they always work. The perfect breakfast that is also healthy. What else do you want?

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healthy pancakes Banana pancakes banana pancakes
teff pancakes with tea maple syrup

You see tasty and healthy grains as an alternative to wheat flour and meal more and more. And we like to experiment with this trend. For example, we made these gluten-free pancakes with teff flour. Delicious!

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oven pancakes with egg and mushrooms

These savory oven pancakes with egg and mushrooms are delicious! Ideal power food after a busy weekday.

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oven pancakes with egg and mushroom |  delicious

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