4 tips for a luxurious look at home *

When you hear the word ‘luxury’ you may immediately think of ‘expensive’, but creating a luxurious look doesn’t have to be expensive! However, it can be a challenge to achieve the right style. That is why in this blog you will find a number of useful tips with which you can transform your home into a beautiful, luxurious unit. Let’s start quickly.


It all starts with the basics. Choose the right furniture and materials, so that the basis of the interior is already good. Think of materials such as velvet, leather or cashmere. These are luxurious fabrics that match many types of interior styles. In the kitchen you choose materials such as granite, natural stone or marble. These materials make a big difference and immediately provide a luxurious look.

Recessed spotlights

Lighting is also very important for the look & feel of your home. If you want to go for a luxurious atmosphere, the tip is: choose recessed spotlights! You immediately create a beautiful, modern interior and you can also accentuate certain items in your home.

Color use

Choose neutral colors in your home such as beige, white, gray and black. This ensures that the room radiates tranquility and that way you can easily work with accent colors. For example, get accessories in various colors that match your interior. Think of cushions, candles and a plaid. Accessories are easier to replace than furniture, such as a sofa and a color on the wall, for example, so you can experiment with that.

Down to the last detail

A luxurious appearance also means that everything is finished to perfection. Think of the little things, such as paintwork and skirting boards, for example, but also high-quality accessories. Put a beautiful crystal vase on the table, finish it off with some black or gold accessories and your house is all set! Don’t forget to bring your kitchen too. For example, make sure that you have beautiful lamps hanging. Think of a kitchen wall lamp. The right lighting is functional during cooking, but is also extremely important for the atmosphere. So it is definitely worth taking a look at the options for your kitchen.

You read it: with the right materials, colours, lamps and accessories you give your interior the luxurious look you are looking for.


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