3D Virtual Tour at Lijfstijlcoaches

Collaboration between Lijfstijlcoaches and 360digitaltwin.nl to improve online visibility

Lijfstijlcoaches, a knowledge network with more than 500 affiliated professionals that focuses on supporting personal trainers and fitness managers, today announces a partnership with 360digitaltwin.nl, a company that specializes in 3D Virtual Tours.

Lijfstijlcoaches aims to help personal trainers and fitness managers with the management of a sports center or fitness studio. An important part of this mission is to support and improve the marketing strategy. This naturally includes increasing online visibility. Through the collaboration with 360digitaltwin.nl, members of the Lijfstijlcoaches network can present their sports center or fitness studio in an innovative way to a wider audience.

360digitaltwin.nl creates 3D Virtual Tours that provide an interactive and lifelike representation of a sports center or fitness studio. With the help of these tours, the members of the Lijfstijlcoaches network can give its target group a look at their practice rooms and sports facilities. This can have a positive influence on the decision to choose their sports center or fitness studio.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with 360digitaltwin.nl”, says Frank Trousselot, owner of Lijfstijlcoaches. “The 3D Virtual Tours are an innovative and effective way to increase the online visibility of our members of the Lijfstijlcoaches network. It enables our members to present their sports centers and fitness studios to the public in a unique and interactive way. We believe this will help them reach more people.”

“We are delighted to be working with Lijfstijlcoaches”, says Manolis Geldermans, owner of 360digitaltwin.nl. “Our 3D Virtual Tours offer a unique way to present locations online. By combining our technology with the expertise of Lifestyle Coaches, together we can deliver a great experience to the audience of the Lifestyle Coaches network members.”

The collaboration between Lijfstijlcoaches and 360digitaltwin.nl is a step towards increasing the online visibility of the members of the Lijfstijlcoaches network and providing an innovative and interactive way to present their services to a wider audience.

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