20 cringeworthy statements your mother-in-law makes

One has a good relationship with it, the other can strangle her. We are, of course, talking about your mother-in-law! Can your mother-in-law also make such terrible statements?

Mama’s baby

We do understand, of course you are with her child and she will undoubtedly find that no one can take care of her child as well as she herself. But hey, that child is now also an adult and makes his own choices and 1 of those choices is you. She’s got it right with that!

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An affair with mother-in-law

A difference of opinion is possible, of course, but some statements go very far. And then you have to try very hard not to explode. We’re really having a hard time, aren’t we, with all those in-laws – eh mothers around us.

Mother-in-law spawning? Of course you can always do your best to get a good relationship with your mother-in-law. A surprise is always good! Check out these gift ideas for your (in-law) mother.

The 20 most annoying mother-in-law sayings…

And now: the list of most cringing statements from your mother-in-law. To drive you crazy.

Do you recognize these statements? Or can you add to the list? Let us know in one comment below!

1. I happened to pass by

And then unexpectedly standing in your door when you were just about to leave, just got out of the shower or just having a lazy moment for yourself on the couch. No coincidence, she really drove to your house very consciously… Again!

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2. You never come over

This in turn is directly related to statement number 1. When you already see your mother-in-law regularly because she ‘coincidentally’ passes by so often, there is no real need to go that way every time.

3. You’ll call me when the delivery starts, right?

You are almost due and mother-in-law indicates that she wants to be there for the birth. Please do not! When you think it’s time to let the family know that the baby has been born, she will hear it naturally.

4. Give the baby to me

Just gave birth and you call your in-laws to let them know that the little one is here. Brand new grandma rushes to you and immediately wants to hold the baby. Hello, that was not the intention!

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5. She got that ugly nose/big chin from you

Because her own child doesn’t have those ugly qualities. Her child is perfect, and if her grandchild has some imperfections, it must be from the cold side.

6. Still in bed? When I just gave birth…

Did I provide a healthy meal again the same evening? Did I immediately do the housework? Did I also have care for 4 other children? Did I run a marathon the next day? It sometimes seems that mothers-in-law forget how difficult childbirth is and exaggerate what they did afterwards. Take your time and enjoy the first weeks on your own pink cloud!

7. You live on my child’s pennies

Oh dear. Ouch. How the financial arrangements within your relationship are is up to you. Whether one works 80 hours a week and the other stays at home or whether you both work the same amount and/or earn the same amount is not something that mothers-in-law are allowed to interfere with.

8. You only think about yourself

This statement especially occurs when you cancel an appointment when you are sick, want to spend Christmas with your own family or are not immediately at the door when she needs help. Doesn’t she realize there’s more to life than just the in-laws?

9. Are you sure you’re leaving the couch there?

Free advice about the design of your home? That is often no problem at all. This kind of almost passive aggressive statement indicates that she disagrees with your choice. Very subtle. Not.

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10. Wait Until…

If you dare to say something about the fact that you are having a hard time, in any situation. With a baby, at work, with friends, due to illness. It does not matter. Mothers-in-law always know how to think of a situation in which it could be even worse, so you shouldn’t complain now.

11. This house is good for the resistance, isn’t it?

“That you can live in this mess, so handsome!” or “Clutter is really your thing, isn’t it?” and then of course you also have ‘You’re too busy to do a proper cleaning?’. All those wonderful stabs under water about how clean the house is. No matter how hard you brush, it’s never clean enough for mothers-in-law.

12. My child’s ex…

You are really unlucky if you are compared to your partner’s previous lover. However, that person will certainly also have lesser sides, the relationship is not over for nothing.

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13. Doesn’t mom allow that? Yes, from grandma!

Parenting is hard enough, and saying no is part of it. It would be so nice if your mother-in-law leaves the upbringing to you and your partner and does not get involved in it.

14. You don’t have to explain to me how it works…

If she can fit in for once. She still remembers exactly how she raised her own child(ren) and assumes that nothing has changed. Wrong! Apart from the fact that time has not stood still, you have your own ideas about what, where, when and at what time, but explain that to her…

15. Lactose-free is just a fashion thing anyway

Allergies and sensitivities are troublesome enough and certainly not a fashion thing. Bye bye mother in law with your yogurt drink.


16. How ridiculous, a cleaning lady

Because your mother-in-law did everything herself. Maybe she just forgets that it was perfectly doable then to buy a house on one salary and that she was home all day to do the housework.

17. Are you taking good care of my child?

Your child is now an adult and should be able to take care of itself if your upbringing is successful, dear mother-in-law of mine…

18. I must have given a fruit snack

Your partner and you were so looking forward to it, next weekend you will have all the time together and you would give the little one the first fruit snack. You have received tips on the best fruit snack to start with (and what not). You pick up the little one and grandma proudly tells you… that she gave the first fruit snack! And you guessed it, the very thing that topped the don’t list.

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19. My parking space was taken

And then she doesn’t mean the one for her own house, but for your house! Own spot?? Why own place? As long as she has healthy legs she can walk quite a bit.

20. It’s MY grandchild

All the attention for the expectant mother, right? Not if it’s up to this mother-in-law. It is, after all, her grandchild. She completely forgets that the mother is just as important.

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Mother-in-law vs. mother-in-law

Fortunately, there are also a lot of positive stories, fantastic mothers-in-law and happy moments. Every family is different and if her child lives just a little differently than how she is used to it can sometimes take some getting used to.

Yet there are a lot of special mothers-in-law! Which statements sounded familiar to you or did you experience any other strange situations? Let us know in one comment below!

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