2 side activities to earn more money

Earning more money is not always possible in your current job. Fortunately, you can earn extra money with side activities. What side activities can you do? And what should you take into account? You can read it in this article.

What should you take into account?

Many employers require you to report your additional activities. Check if this is also the case for you. Also check your contract to see if you are not allowed to do certain side activities, such as side activities at certain competitors. In addition, you must take into account rules regarding the income from your secondary activities. Are you going to volunteer? Then you can earn a maximum of 180 euros per month and 1800 euros per year in 2023. Are you going to do activities somewhere without being employed? Then it is not always necessary to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. This is the case, for example, if you occasionally do a job. It is useful to send receipts instead of invoices. This is useful for your accounting. You can find out when you do have to register with the Chamber of Commerce on the government website. If you do not earn more than 20,000 euros per year, you can use the Kor scheme. You do not have to charge VAT on your services. You must meet certain conditions for this.

Earn extra money through side activities.
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Working as a virtual assistant

Do you have work experience as an assistant or secretary? Then this might be something for you. A big advantage of working as a virtual assistant (va) is that you don’t have to work on location. So you can do it anywhere you want. Moreover, you are often not tied to certain times. This gives you a lot of freedom as a VA, making it easy to combine with another job. However, you almost always have to be registered as a freelancer with the Chamber of Commerce.

Earn money through a website

You can earn a lot of money with your own website. You have to be patient for this. You can only earn a lot of money with your website if you have a lot of visitors. You can make money with a website in different ways. This can be done, for example, through affiliate marketing or advertisements. Affiliate marketing means that you earn money by putting links of products or services on your website. You receive a commission if a consumer makes a purchase via the link on your website. This can be a percentage of the purchase amount or a fixed amount per product or service. Keep in mind that you have to pay costs for managed wordpress hosting or hosting wordpress, among other things. If you are a freelancer, you can often deduct part of these costs from your tax. That hurts again!

There are of course many more side activities that you can do. How about working as a translator, copywriter or doing administration?

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